Monday, 22 August 2011

It's that time of the month - LATEST MAKES!

Well, it's been all go in the Cake Pop Princess kitchen. August has been crazy hectic - you'd think that everyone was on their hols, but it also seems like there are lots of kids celebrating their birthdays! 

I've also been running cake pop classes at the Cupcake Sanctuary in Rochester. So even Sundays have seen me popping!

It's my birthday eve and hubby has deemed that drinking is acceptable. I decided to take him up on the offer, as he has promised me a lie-in tomorrow (a much treasured thing when you have two children under 3).
So, without further ado I present my latest makes: 

Beardy minifig Lego Cake pops

Marble cake pops

Hand-painted Dynamite cake pops

Pieces of cake pops

Charley Bear Cake Pops

Mario Cake Pops

Papa Smurf Cake Pops

Lion Cake Pops

Shabby Chic baby block cake pops

Toadstool cake pops

Space Shuttle Cake Pops

Baby Cake pops - Babes in Bonnets!