Thursday, 21 July 2011

Latest makes to share!

Hello my lovelies, 

Am back from my much-needed holiday and it's time to share the latest creations from the Cake Pop Princess kitchen. Lots of cute to share with you this time, including the bride & groom pops I made yesterday, and the gorgeous little tutu cake pops I made for a Les Enfants Tutu & Tees Party just before I left. 

First up, we have the Penfold Pops. If you were a child of the 80s, you probably watched Dangermouse. I know I did! Apparently the client's hubby resembles him, hence the retro request.

Penfold Cake Pops
These Tiger Pops were made for a client to treat her children with on a long journey to a Haven campsite - Rory is their main character.

Rory the Tiger Cake Pops

And it's end of term time so had lots of teacher gifts this week. I went with the popular choice of apples and rulers, along with lots of flower pops. But I also had something a little different - a client requested running shoes for her son's teacher, as running is one of his favourite pastimes. I even put a little tread on the bottom.

Ruler Cake Pops
Apple Cake Pops
 (must give credit to my lovely assistant Ileigha, who made the apples for me whilst I was in the French Alps - great job, Ileigha!)

Running Shoe Cake Pops

Sneaker Cake Pops
Now, these are a little more obscure and I'm not 100% happy with them. The client requested dangly earrings, and they were so hard to put into practise! I think they're just about acceptable, but would love to improve on them one day.

Earring Cake Pops
Well, I've managed to last almost 10 months without making bride and groom cake pops, but the day finally came. I wanted them to be a little unique (which wasn't particularly easy when there are so many variations already out there!) so went for little shaped outfits rather than round balls or complete bodies. You can't see in this picture but the bride's dress has a gorgeous sheen to it. Really rather pleased with them, although I just wish I had time to take a better picture! 

Wedding Cake Pops

And now for the bit you've probably all been waiting for - the tutu pop! I made about 5 different variations of tees for these pops, but the following one was my absolute favourite. I love cupcakes, so any excuse, really! And seriously, how cute did they look on the sweetie table?! Can't wait to make some flower fairy variations with lots of lovely new net I've got on order!

Ballet Cake Pop
Tutu & Tees Party - by Les Enfants

And last but not least, some hand-cut onesie cake pops for the fabulous website The Ultimate Baby Shower who shall soon be stocking my pops, making it even easier to get all your baby shower needs in one place! Huzzah!

Baby Shower Cake Pops
Thanks for taking the time to read this far - fingers crossed I have some pictures to share of the corset pops I made today. It was such a rush to get them to the Post Office that I couldn't take any pictures myself, so will have to rely on the client to work her photographic magic!

Bianca xxx