Thursday, 29 September 2011

A lovely cake poppy tale and a SQUILLION makes to share! :)

So, I have lots and lots of makes to share with you again, but first I'd like to tell you about a client of mine. A few months ago, she contacted me with regards to providing the cake pops for her son's naming ceremony. Her idea was to have cake pops to represent what she'd like him to be and accomplish in life. Such a lovely sentiment, I couldn't help but get excited at the prospect!

First and foremost, she wanted him to be happy: 

Smilie Cake pops

She also wanted him to do well at school, and find love and be loved: 

Glitter Heart cake pops

Mortar board/Graduation cake pops

She wanted him to travel, and represent his heritage (a mixture of British and Malay - hence the placing of the hearts):
Globe cake pops

She wanted him to do well at sports (particularly rugby!):
Rugby Ball cake pops

And finally, she wanted him to reach old age and find someone to settle down with (alas I didn't take a photo of the grandpa and granny pops I made, so here are just the grannies!): 

Granny Cake pops

Don't you think that's just the most adorable and inspired idea? I loved making them, especially the globes. Was a bit of a challenge to get the continents in the right place, but I think I did okay - hee hee!

I received a heart-warming thank you that brought a tear to my eye - makes my job all the more worthwhile:
"Just dropping an email to say thank you so much for the amazing pops :) They are
more breathtaking than I could ever imagine and the details are exquisite! You even
made extra which is very generous and kind of you. 

You've made my wee man's Naming Ceremony that extra bit special. My guests are in
for a special treat and they'll be in awe. Thank you again so much :)

You are truly wonderfully gifted xxx"

And now for the rest of my makes this past month. If we're honest, I've been going a little glitter-mad. I just can't stop myself, it's like an addiction! 

First up - lots of handbags:

Handbag (Purse) cake pops!

More handbags!

Glitter clutch purse cake pops

Then we have - camera pops, Coldstream Guards, fairy princesses, A Fender Sunburst Telecaster, revised footballs (now painted and more footbally!), jellybabies, some African Safari cake pops, Mermaids, a Mini Cooper Cake Pop (or as I like to call it - the Mini Coopop!) and a Glitter-tear crying eagle. Phew!

Camera cake pops
Coldstream Guard cake pops

Fairy Princess cake pops

Fender Sunburst Telecaster cake pops - guitars

Soccer Ball cake pops

Jellybaby cake pops

African Safari cake pops - lions, hippos, rhinos and animal print

Mermaid cake pops

Mini Cooper Cake Pops!

Glitter tear Eagle cake pops

Rubber duck cake pops:

Rubber Duck cake pops!

Revised ToyStory pops - now with Rex and Hamm! 
ToyStory cake pops - Alien, Rex and Hamm

Tattoo Scroll cake pops and little fishies:
Tattoo heart cake pops

Fish cake pops!

Peppa Pig pops - now the whole family is there! 
Peppa Pig cake pops!

Mickey Mouse glove and Mickey head pops! 

Mickey Mouse cake pops!

My first ever two-tier birthday cake, with cake pop topper - made for my daughter's first birthday! 

Lucie's 1st Birthday Cake!

And finally, these were made especially for a Harry Potter themed party hosted by the fantastic Toadstool Parties. First up we have house crest photo pops: 
Harry Potter house crest cake pops

Then school book,. sorting hat, owl and broomstick cake pops:
Harry Potter themed cake pops

And finally the man himself - Harry Potter Cake Pops! 
Harry Potter cake pops

Last but not least are some LEGO Batman & Robin cake pops, Mr Tumble's Spotty Bags (a UK kids show, in case you wondered!) and a revised Champagne rose cake pop:

LEGO Batman and Robin cake pops

Mr Tumble's Spotty Bag cake pops

Champagne Rose cake pop

Well, if you made it this far - WELL DONE! 
One last little treat for you - the Cake Pop Princess website is now up and running! 
You can even filter the gallery by theme to save you trawling through a hundred pics!
Until next time, cake poppers! 
Bianca xxx


  1. What a wonderful way to celebrate the naming of a child. Your pops were perfect for the occasion.

    All of the other pops are equally amazing. You have great technique. I particularly like the mermaid with her glittery tail.

    Beth @ Hungry Happenings

  2. May I ask where you find your molds? what a gift you have!

  3. Hi Sara,
    Thanks for stopping by!
    None of these have been made with molds, all shaped by hand.


    Bianca xxx

  4. Hello Cake Pop Princess....Your cake pops are amazing!!! I just received an order for purse pops (which I've never made) and saw yours. Do you use fondant and edible glitter on them? Better yet could you email me ( some pointers/tips for making them? That would be greatly appreciated. Keep the good ideas coming....#lovethem

  5. Where do you get your glitter?! Love it :) I've been looking all over and can't seem to find what you have.

    1. The American equivalent is Disco Dust, I believe? :) xx


  6. Hi I was wondering what you used for the duck bill? Is it just molded cake or candy?

  7. Disco dust is plastic craft glitter and should not be used on food that will be eaten.
    Here's an article about a UK business that was fined for using it:

    and here's how the UK Food Standards Agency handles it: