Friday, 18 February 2011

A rather varied week

Another week has flown by in a flash - I can't believe how fast! I've got lots to do this weekend too, so no rest for the wicked. So much so I've had to enlist the help of the lovely Mother-in-Law (who shall henceforth be referred to in my blog as 'MIL') to watch the littl'uns seeing as hubby has decided to returf the lawn *massive eye-roll*

Something new to try this week was Horrid Henry. Not sure if they're accurate (they look a bit sad rather than cross and could probably have done with a bit more hair!) but hoping they're not too far off. Here is the result, and my original inspiration.  

Last Friday's prizewinner of my donation to the FSID Charity Ball was very quick to put an order in. It happened to be her son's first birthday this week, and she asked very nicely if I wouldn't mind splitting her prize to send half to her husband currently serving in Afghanistan. I made her some Elmo pops for her son, and some Army helmets (desert colours, of course!) for her husband. Here are the results:

And I realised earlier that I didn't share last weekend's creations with you either, so let me make it up to you now! 

A late Valentines request - her husband likes fishing. Freshwater fishing, to be precise. I *did* also attempt a catfish (too long - broke in half after I dipped it) and a perch, but I made the fins too fine and they melted away when I dipped them. I'm sure I could manage them in the future now I know what I know, but luckily I made made enough carp to cover my behind and was able to finish the order! 

I also made some cutesy helicopters and some wine bottles. If we're being 100% honest, I think I could improve on them so they're both designs I'll be fiddling with in the future. I did actually spray the wine bottles with clear glaze after I took this picture, and it did make a bit of difference. Kicking myself for not taking a picture though - d'oh!

And finally, a funny little pop as requested by fellow September-mummy for her other half's Valentines gift! Ooo-errr missus!


  1. After reading this blog, I'm not hungry and I'm not jealous of your cake making skills... not not not!

    Ladygladstone "off of" Twitter

  2. Hellooo,

    Please can I get some of your daisy flowers, (ie flowers with white petals,) for my Dormouse Unbirthday can come too...20.5.11....10 would be great. thank u xxx

    See you soon