Tuesday, 1 March 2011

A grovelling apology with a dollop of self-pity

My goodness - have been so busy popping that I've completely neglected the blog for almost two weeks! Terribly sorry, won't happen again!

Am dosed up on painkillers at the moment after dropping something from a great height onto my big toe. It hurts A LOT. And standing up popping for hours on end really isn't doing me any favours. But enough feeling sorry for myself, I know you're only really here for one thing and that's my latest creations.

Well, I redid the Star Wars cake pops (now with Stormtrooper and Princess Leia):

I made some lovely boy-themed number pops, in baby blue:

and bright blue:

Some Disney Princess pops:

And finally, some Timmys! 

So there you have it. Everything you've missed! Hope you're not too mad at me for neglecting you. Friends again?

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