Friday, 18 March 2011

It's with great pleasure that I present my latest range...


I am so proud of these, they make me feel warm and fuzzy inside (and not just because my son is on one of the samples). I thought to myself, hmmm... edible rice paper? Well, I was already using it for my Shrek features and my suitcases (which will now all have printed luggage stickers and will look infinitely cooler!) and I just thought that eating your children would be sweet. Or anyone for that matter. Suitable for so many occasions, birthdays, anniversaries, engagements, and well, even wakes if that's what floats your boat. And I have *always* wanted an edible-ink printer. I couldn't tell you why, it's just one of those things I've always coveted. My friend Tracey will know what I mean - I knew I'd found a kindred spirit in her when she told me about her longing for one too. And now I have an excuse - WOOHOO! 

And the best thing about them? They're so flexible - I can make logos, advertisements, or anything into pops, and they look really effective. Such a fabulous way to truly personalise your event, or make your products stand out. You'll be remembered at a wedding fair if your beautiful photos are given as samples for people to take home and appreciate with a cup of tea! And, unlike icing sheets like the photo cakes at Sainsburys used to be, rice paper doesn't really taste of anything and just melts away when you eat it. 

I've shared a few of the samples I created below- including some for Jack FM Hertfordshire which I thought were really rather cute! 

Maybe my photo pops aren't for you. Not a problem. Perhaps you like cutesy animal pops more? Well, how about these pandas? 

And the latest addition to the Cake Pop Princess family - MONKEYS! Because let's face it - all of know someone with a little monkey or two!

Happy weekend! 

Bianca xxx


  1. Fantastic! Love the rice paper pop idea!


  2. Hmm Hello there Pop Princess- I have had a good idea about your rice paper photos...I will tell you when I next see you. :) Theresa

    + I have a new Blog

    Tree x