Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Competition Time!

Well, I've had a Twitter comp, and a Facebook comp, so maybe now it's time for one on the blog! 

I don't get a lot of comments on here, but I'd love for this to change, so starting now, let's get some interaction!

I'm thinking maybe if you leave your real name below, and 'like' the Facebook page, I'll be able to work out who is who and contact you from there. I'll post the randomly-drawn winner of the giveaway on the 20th May on both here and Facebook (and Twitter). If you're a tweep, feel free to leave your username and I'll contact you that way. If you're not on either, feel free to leave your email address but with (at) instead of @ and dotcom or dotcouk instead of .com/ - that way the spambots won't getcha!

What's the prize? Well, I'm thinking a box of 6 photo pops - your choice of photo on a cake pop! Makes a great gift if you want to share, and you get to pick the flavour. Can't say fairer than that, no?

Don't think you're limited to pictures of people, either - am more than happy to put anything onto a cake pop. Yes, even questionable things, as long you're going to use them responsibly and not scare little kiddies or anything. Seriously - cake pops must not be used for evil. 

Alrighty then - get commenting! If you want to follow the blog while you're at it, then even better! 


  1. Okies.. Nikki Raven on facebook :) and if I win them i'd have a Husky pic and raffle off (maybe four of them lol) for Huskies in Need :)

  2. Your post just made me laugh..imaging adults running around with cake pops scaring little
    well id love to win some yummy cake pops..count me in :)
    Gemma Carver xx

  3. If I won I would like some sort of Man U theme or the players/managers faces! Not for me, to cheer up other half. Would be CHOCOLATE..........yum!

    Twitter - MzMoore FB - Sarah Moore

  4. Hiya!
    I'm little miss crafty kerri on facebook and i have a blog i'm trying to get a little more active too!!
    I only found you today as i really want some cake pops as a treat for us when we all get better and also thinking about some for our wedding sweet table!
    If i win YAY! but please can you also contact me with the lowest price cakepops you do pretty please (a link to the photo would be great!) so that i can order too!! love Kerri xx

  5. If I won - I would like some with pictures of me and my babies (or something military related), to send to Afghanastan where my hubby is currently posted on a 6 month tour - he's only a month into it :-(

    FB - Sarah Traves Smillie

  6. Vicky 'Portia' Dover on FB!

    If I won I'd maybe have photos of my 3 girls on them for Father's Day to remind the ex what his children look like :p

  7. Your standard round pops with sprinkles look so classy and yum in the pictures on Facebook - I don't know if i'd have photos at all!!

    I'm Samantha Jaques on Facebook xxx

  8. Hi Im Amy-Lou O'reilly on facebook

    If I won I would have either rainbow ones with stars or ones with photo of Ellie-Mai on when she was first born so I can use for her first birthday in 11 weeks I cant wait time gone so fast

    Keep up the amazing work huni xxx

  9. I already 'like' your FB page - well i LOVE it actually. I thought i was a 'follower' too, but seems not, off to 'follow' you now.

    I'd love to win your yummy pops nom nom

    FB: Debbyanne Lydon :o)

  10. I´ll order some cake pops anyway, but competitions are my weaknesses... I´d be happy with anything really, but perhaps some baby themes to offer my sister, who is pregnant, and will be visiting me soon :-) Luciana T from Facebook.

  11. Hello from Jemma AKA Iced Jems :) Have always wanted to try one of your cake pops so here goes! Keep up the fab work!! x x

  12. It is a secret really but me and my OH have decided to start trying for a baby and would love to tell future grandparents that way. And if they are in shock I will just get them to eat it lol.

    Facebook: Bonnie King

    P.s. shh it's a secret for now

  13. I was going to enter this competition but then I thought about how I would most definitely have to use the cakepops for evil because that's just how I roll...

  14. Kira Bennett - i'd have some with pics of my family on and then laugh while i eat them all haha :D im kidding, i might share 1 x

  15. Soph Warnes :P
    I don't know what I'd have on them to be fair... I don't really have any significant things coming up. Guess seeing as Uni ends soon it should be a picture of me and friends :)

  16. I'd love them for my niece's 21st. They've lost all three of their Schnauzers this year, so I'd like little pooch pictures for her.
    I'm Diana Cotter on Facebook and @happyfox on Twitter.

  17. Laura Williams
    I'd love to win some, no idea what I'd choose - my daughter is obsessed with giraffes ('talls') at the moment so maybe I'd get some pics of talls. Just to see her face light up followed by the delight of being allowed to actually EAT them! <3