Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Green fingers, Rapunzel, birthdays & weddings and more - it's all go this week!

Great news! A replacement upload cable has arrived (thank you eBay!) so let the picture sharing festivities begin. Be warned - there are plenty today!

Well, I finally had a chance to put an idea of mine into fruition. After a client requested a watering can I suggested these little cuties to go with them:

Teeny tiny seedling pops!

My other big new invention was the little birthday cake pop, complete with candles. I've already had three orders for it since putting it up on the Facebook page a few days ago. Sure to be a big hit!

And, being British, how I could I not step up and make some Royal Wedding cake pops?! If you look very closely, you'll see that I hand-painted the little heart cake topper with the Union Jack. Yeah, that was fiddly. Thankfully we don't get many Royal weddings so hopefully won't have to do that again for a while! As long as Harry doesn't start courting the foxy Pippa Middleton, that is...

Hmmm... what else? Well, a client asked for Tangled themed cake pops so I came up with these Rapunzel heads. I was umming and ahing about how to do her hair, and then suddenly it hit me - loop it down the stick! 

And how could I forget my little babes in bonnets? Made for a babyshower last week, I tried to make them all a bit different. Some have crazy hair, others just a curl or a straggly fringe.

And now for some custom orders. First up, a Rudy Project cycle helmet. Sadly there is a bit of glare from the glaze so you can't quite see the detail:
A trowel -yeah, this one wasn't too great and chances are you'd never guess what it was, despite the subtle clue I placed next to it! Think the handle needs to be longer, although I have to say that it was *really* hard to do. I much prefer the watering can and seedlings I did for the other order!

Some Moshlings:

Almost done - I promise! Thanks for staying with me thus far! And finally, rocket numbers and hand-painted rugby balls!

And there you have it - lots of pretty pictures! 

Thanks again for taking the time to have a peek. Would love to see some comments! 

Bianca x


  1. Bianca, these are fantastic, you are so clever. I LOVE them all esp the watering can and seedlings, very sweet! The babies are very cute too, esp the fuzzy haired ones! Amazing! xxx

  2. u are a very very talented lady hun, they are all great

  3. They are all AMAZING!!!! I wish u were in AUS!!!!! :)

    From Leasha!!!