Friday, 24 June 2011

More makes to share!

It's been crazy busy with Father's Day last weekend and topping 2000 fans on the Facebook page(WOOHOOOOO!) but I just had to share these new additions with you - all of them were random requests for darling daddies!

First up, little iPhone cake pops -check out the screen, although you'll have to squint! I made six of these, all with different messages:

iPhone Cake Pops!

Then we have the GRUFFALO cake pops! These were a huge hit, although someone was very quick to point out that I'd got their eyes wrong as I'd painted them yellow, so quickly had to repaint them orange!

Gruffalo Cake Pops!

What do most fathers love? BEER!

Beer Cake Pops!

One of my absolute favourite pops to make last week were these - CAMPER VAN CAKE POPS! They came out just as I'd hoped, although I did make another type with fondant windows that just weren't working for me. Luckily I always make spares, and after doing one of each type I knew that the painted windows were definitely the way forward!

Camper Cake Pops!

Some other little bits and pieces - Mario Cake Pops, and Spongebob Square Pants Cake Pops:

Mario Cake Pop, Spongebob Cake Pop!

Another very popular request is the Waybuloo characters. Having a toddler myself, I'm more than familiar with them, although I have to say that I prefer my kid's telly to talk properly rather than in made-up language. Surely I can't be the only one? Anyhoo, I digress - here are the PIPLING CAKE POPS! 

Waybuloo Cake Pops!

And finally, can't remember if I'd shared these with you already, so pardon the repetition if I have, but TOTORO AND THE SOOTS CAKE POPS!

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