Saturday, 11 June 2011

So many lovely things to share with you!

I've got some fantastic new makes to show you all, and I'll start at the beginning, with the Angry Birds cake pops that I received a squillion Father's Day requests for. Trust me, having a hundred or so of these staring at you is really rather un-nerving, it was like their eyes were boring into my soul *shudder*.

Angry Bird Cake Pops
Next up in my sort-of-A-to-Z of cake pops (albeit missing many letters) is something I'm superproud of. No really, these just came out so brilliantly, just as I envisioned in my head - which, if we're being honest, doesn't always happen. They even survived shipping to Germany, which made me very happy. I present my.... drum roll please... DOG POPS! These were ordered to celebrate this gorgeous little puppies birthday - how seriously adorable is Nahla?! The perfectionist in me knows that her ears should have been a bit longer, but I know that floppy ears would have most likely been damaged on the journey.

The beautiful Nahla! *heart melts*

Beagle Cake Pops

Let sleeping dogs lie
Close-up of Beagle Pop

Jungle themes seem to be rather popular, and after making too much grey fondant the other day, I had a bit of an elephant experiment. They came out so well, just so adorably cute, that I had to find a use for them and jungle numbers were born. The order also included some monkey heads, and I thought some dinky little tiger faces wouldn't go amiss. They looked a bit lonely without some foliage, so I quickly rustled some up for them so they wouldn't get homesick! 

Jungle Number Cake Pops

Another one I get requests for quite regularly is Miss Minnie Mouse. I found her really quite fiddly, and had to make 20 pops to ship to Brazil (!). Still waiting to hear if they made it in one piece - they took so long that I'd be most devastated if they didn't! 

Minnie Mouse Cake Pops

Next up are my Pamper Pops - I was absolutely inspired by the Cake Poppery's version, and knew I had to attempt my own design. I opted for a textured towel (was envisioning fluffy spa towels in my head!) rather than the neat fondant that they went for. My cucumber slices are also more green - more English, dare I say!

Ladies who Spa - Pamper Cake Pops

A few more Ps to go through - there's also Pooh Pops (very similar to the Bakerella version, mostly because the client specifically requested that they had the same red shirt peeking):

Pooh Cake Pops

Then some Puffles (no, I'd never heard of them either!). I got two colours in before realising that they were only meant to be fluffy up top, so next time the orange and black ones will be more accurate!

Club Penguin Puffle Cake Pops

Now for the Ts - first up, Tatty Teddy Cake Pops, complete with little patches:

Tatty Teddy Cake Pops - Me2You Bears

And finally, something I'm most proud of - my Toy Story Cake Pops! These were an absolute labour of love, and I adore them all with the exception of Buzz, who I do feel I could improve. My most detailed pops yet, each is pretty much completely made out of cake pop mixture (including the hats), save a few embellishments here and there on Mr Potato Head:

Buzz Lightyear, Woody, Jessie Cake Pops

Toy Story Alien and Mr Potato Head Cake Pops

And that's all folks - lots of pictures to get you into a cake popping mood.

Enjoy your weekend! 

Bianca xxx


  1. You are amazing! All your cake pops really make mine look amateurish ;) Love your angry birds!

  2. Poppycock! Your Totoro are so cute! I think they're better than mine -

  3. OMG They are all just so amazing!!!!! You are very talented. I just adore the spa ones. How do you get the shape on the top to look like a towel?

  4. hey:))
    i love all your cake pops! <3
    and i wanted to ask you for the recioe for the winni the pooh cake pops
    the angry birds cake pops and the "my neighbour totoro" cake pops
    Please! need this recipes for a babyparty! :))
    thank you :))

    1. * if you can please write me an e-mail! :))

  5. Hey! I am curious to know how you made your VW cake pops? Please get back in touch with me, because I would like to make them for a party this weekend. Thanks!

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