Thursday, 27 January 2011

Cold outside, but I'm all warm inside :)

Well, it's been a relatively quiet week for me as I'm waiting for some more dairy-free chocolate for a couple of non-rush orders. I've been experimenting with egg-free (well, Vegan) cake for a little boy with life-threatening allergies, and coming up with new ideas for cake pops. Well, if we're honest I do that all the time - usually in bed instead of counting sheep!

I don't really have much to show you today in terms of new creations, but thought I'd share some pictures of peeps enjoying my wares, and a lovely recommendation that made me feel all warm and gooey inside.

Firstly, my own little bundles of joy (please excuse the terrible pic - my son is what can only be described as a 'blinker' and my daughter is flashing her nappy):

Seb & Lucie

And here is the lovely recommendation and the gorgeous little Fin:

I know Bianca has had LOADS of positive feedback for her amazing cake pops but I just have to add my endorsement!

Bianca made me some cake pops for my sons 2nd birthday which was this weekend.  He has a severe cows milk protein allergy (with anaphylaxis), and an intolerance to soya so we have to be careful what we feed him.  It's incredibly difficult to get cake etc for him and, what there is tends to be expensive.  So...Bianca made some beautiful cake pops for him and his little girlfriend Isabel on their joint birthday...and here are the results!

I'm sure you'll very happy little boy - and not even the tiniest speck of a reaction!   Oh...and we all had plenty as well and they are absolutely delicious...especially the choc-orange!  THANKS BIANCA!! Grin xxxx

Dairy/Soya-Free Pops! (note: not the bright blue one)


After - one happy little chappy (and no epi-pen needed - PHEW!)

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  1. :0) Awww this is lovely! Your 2 munchkins are pretty darn cute too!! :0)

    I meant every word of my message...Believe me - before long you'll need an ENORMOUS factory to fulfil all your orders.

    Wishing you all the best for the future're one very talented lady! Lou (& Fin) xxx