Tuesday, 11 January 2011

Salutations from the Cake Pop Princess

Hello Pop fans!

Greetings from me, Bianca, the Cake Pop Princess. I make delicious little cake truffle lollipops and post them to people. After I've eaten a few tester Pops to make sure they're all up to scratch, of course. 

This weekend was a busy one for me. I had some last minute commissions after people had seen my latest creations on my Facebook page and set about planning how I could possibly make Ben 10 into cake pop form. Hmmm.... their shape doesn't immediately lend itself to cake poppery, so I decided to go down the fondant road (which, as we all know, is heavily pot-holed and fraught with danger for amateur cake-decorators). Three hours later, and with a nasty indent on my hand from wielding my scalpel, this is what I was left with:

A few Candy Melts later (and a wasted trip to town for edible glue, but I digress) I was left with these:

Actually, I was pretty damn pleased with how they turned out. But looking at that pic makes me think I need to rethink my photo display technique. Much happier with the pics of my new Sakura (blossom) Pops and Number pops - my other rush orders for this weekend:

Sakura Cake Pops

Much prettier, no? Now I must away to find myself some of that straw stuff in red...


  1. Very impressive, quite a change from all the others I've seen, but all very appealing. I'm sure they'll be a big hit!

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