Saturday, 15 January 2011

Retro Geek Chic! Well, cake pops...

As some of you may know, my husband's name is Pac and almost all of my friends are geeks. Therefore, retro cake pops were inevitable. I got all fired up and in a flurry of excitement created these beauties. I tried to take decent photos of them but I'm useless at photography so had to sprint over to my lovely next door neighbour's house to beg for his assistance. Thankfully he was happy to oblige and so (after a bit of tweaking by the lovely Jim Bob and Nell) I'm proud to present today's creations:

Waca waca waca! Was it worth melting half a bag of blue candy melts just for one cake pop? In this instance, most definitely! 

And seriously, who doesn't need a power-up at kids parties?! 20 seconds of invincibility will come in very handy indeed on that Bouncy Castle:

Hoping that these will be a popular range at £1.75 each. If not, not to worry. I have a very happy husband now he's been cake popped.

Happy weekend, folks!

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